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Top 8 Instagram Marketing Hacks for 2023

#1 Optimize Your Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are invaluable components in the world of Instagram marketing hacks. They help users discover your content and allow you to tap into larger communities of users interested in specific topics. But simply throwing some scattered hashtags on your posts isn’t enough anymore. You need to get strategic with your hashtag use if you want to maximize reach and engagement.

First, research popular hashtags in your industry as well as niche hashtags that smaller groups of highly targeted users are following. You want to include a smart blend of both – popular tags will help expand your reach to more users, while niche tags will allow you to better engage users who are highly relevant to your brand.

Tools like RiteTag can analyze your hashtag performance over time and suggest new ones based on your content and audience. Track which hashtags drive the most engagement for your brand and double down on those.

Also, consider using hashtag stories or chains – tell a story by stringing together a series of hashtags with imagery. This grabs attention and gets users invested in your hashtag narrative. Make your hashtags purposeful, not just an afterthought.

#2 Level Up Your Instagram Stories

With 500 million daily active users on Instagram Stories, this feature presents a huge opportunity and one of the most important Instagram marketing hacks. But simply reposting your Instagram feed content to your Stories isn’t enough. You need to maximize creativity and interactivity to truly captivate audiences.

Use visually engaging templates, play with photo filters and effects, and incorporate polls/questions to spark discussion. Look at what influencers in your industry are doing with Stories and take inspiration from their tactics.

Geotags and location stickers can help you engage users nearby your business. Share user-generated Stories showcasing happy customers interacting with your brand. And don’t keep your Stories siloed – cross-promote with your Instagram feed and highlights. Repurpose top-performing Stories through highlights so they remain discoverable.

#3 Collaborate With Influencers

Influencer marketing on Instagram continues to grow, with 60% of marketers saying it provides better ROI than other advertising channels. Identifying and partnering with the right influencers aligns your brand with relevant creators your target audience already knows and trusts.

Do research to find influencers in your niche with engaged followings. Make sure their content and values align with your brand. Micro-influencers with smaller but highly targeted and engaged followings can be a great bet.

Get creative with partnerships. Have influencers take over your Instagram Stories for a day. Develop products or experiences your audiences will love. The options are endless.

When negotiating, balance compensation with exposure benefits. Ensure partnerships include tracked links and promo codes so you can measure direct ROI. Outline agreements covering content approvals, usage rights, and more upfront.

Leveraging influencers gives you access to new audiences and makes your brand feel like part of the community. Choose partners strategically and explore creative, value-driven collaborations.

#4 Run Effective Contests & Giveaways

When it comes to Instagram marketing hacks, you should know that contests and giveaways are fantastic for driving engagement and growth on Instagram. But you need to follow Instagram’s rules and run them thoughtfully. Creative contest ideas include asking users to share photos/videos of themselves using your product, tagging friends they’d enjoy the prize with, or posting about why they love your brand.

Promote your contest through dedicated hashtags users can search and influencers can help spread. Choose prizes carefully – aim for fun experiences or exclusive products rather than generic gifts.

Specify clear entry mechanisms and keep it simple – options like tagging friends or using a custom hashtag work well. Outline terms and eligibility information transparently. During the contest, share user entries on your Stories and feed to maximize visibility. Post reminders on timing and how to enter for latecomers to participate.

After the contest concludes, announce the winner prominently and contact them. Share metrics on entries and engagement.

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#5 Leverage Instagram Reels

In the world of Instagram marketing hacks, Instagram Reels present a big engagement opportunity given their full-screen, immersive format. Lean into current viral sounds, songs, or audio clips when creating your Reels to increase discovery.

Optimize your Reels for mobile viewing by keeping them short, under 30 seconds. Use text overlays and stickers to highlight key information. Cross-promote your best Reels in Stories and feed posts. Repurpose top-performing Reels into new versions testing different visuals, captions, or music.

Make sure any important links, offerings, or calls to action featured in your Reel are also clickable on your profile. Add links to your bio or posts referenced in the Reel for easy access. Use Reels to showcase your products or services in an eye-catching, immersive way. The vertical full-screen viewing experience helps you engage users creatively.

#6 Use Action-Driven CTAs in Your Posts

Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your Instagram followers into customers. Clear call-to-actions (CTAs) in your posts and captions make it easy for users to take action.

Some effective post-CTAs include:

  • Swipe up to shop this look
  • Book your session now
  • Start your free trial today
  • Shop the collection in our bio link

Strategically place your CTA early in captions so users see it before reading further. Use visually engaging graphics, carousels, or videos to draw attention to your CTA. Add clickable links in your bio and integrate UTMs into your CTA links to track performance. Test different CTAs, placement, and wording to see what resonates best with your audience.

Compelling Instagram CTAs turn passive scrolling into conversions and direct engagement for your brand. Make them clickable and action-focused.

#7 Create Shoppable Posts to Drive Sales

Instagram makes it easy for brands to tag products in posts and stories, turning static posts into shoppable opportunities. When sharing product images or other shoppable content, be sure to tag the specific products so users can easily access more information and purchase options.

Another practical Instagram marketing hack: Limited-time special offers, like discounts or free gifts, can incentivize users to shop directly from your posts before the deal expires. Including clear CTAs to “Tap to shop this look” or directing users to shoppable links in your bio also help convert scrolling into direct shopping traffic.

Optimizing hashtags for your products helps users discover your shoppable posts when searching for what you offer. And don’t forget to track traffic from Instagram directly to your online store using UTMs to measure the sales impact of shoppable posts.

#8 Schedule Posts for Maximum Impact

When you post can be just as important as what you post on Instagram. Analyze when your target audience is most active on the app and aim to post during those high-traffic times. Use Instagram’s built-in analytics to see which days/times your followers are most engaged. You may notice trends like more engagement on weekends or during the evening.

Balance your Instagram scheduling between Feed posts, Stories, or Reels based on what each format is best for. Don’t oversaturate by posting too much. Spread out your content schedule throughout the day and week. Use scheduling tools to plan, stagger, and auto-post your content for optimal timing.

Posting consistently at times when your audience is most likely to be on Instagram increases the odds your content will be seen and engaged with. Review analytics often and adjust your schedule accordingly.